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What We Do


Come Ye And Rest Awhile

CYARA is a non profit association founded in 2015

Based on christian values,

its core activity is pastoral care in its many forms. 

CYARA is about people restoration, building connection and community.

The ultimate vision for CYARA is to have - or have the use of -

a centre, a haven of peace, where people can stay

during their restoration process, before returning home.

The prayer of St Francis beautifully describes what lies at the heart of CYARA

Please take a moment to reflect on these words



What We Do





  The founders, Paul and Muriel Geraghty, both bilingual French-English, currently live on the Côte d'Azur

 where they are actively involved in the community

Paul Geraghty

 Paul has successfully worked as a designer and project manager in the field of construction for 35 years.

 For many years, his passion has been to see 

people's lives reconstructed.


Paul is a qualified mentor, he guides individuals and small groups through tailor-made recovery plans using full immersion, good humour and compassion.

 Muriel Geraghty

 Muriel has run a successful medical practice as an Endocrinologist for 10 years in Beausoleil.

In 2009, Muriel gave up her medical practice for health reasons.

 Moved by the desire to provide compassionate support to those suffering, Muriel qualified in both clinical and pastoral counselling.


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People often feel powerless when they see or know of someone struggling.


Together we can offer hope, healing and lasting solutions to those in need.

If you're interested in helping us develop and maintain our community activities, feel free to get in touch.


Community is all about getting involved and staying connected.

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